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Levin – Proud to be Global Business Tech Finalists 2022

Author image Published by Sue Johns-Chapman
Published Date 08.04.2022

Levin is a Tech Talent Marketplace set up in 2019 by recruitment experts wanting to make a difference for in their industry and for their employees. 

Just three years later we’re achieving outstanding financial figures and smashing growth targets. Our Group’s made headlines on many occasions for impact we’re making in our markets. And we’ve also built a fantastic reputation as an employer who’s becoming increasingly well-known for a supportive, team playing culture where people can thrive and are encouraged to do so.  

We’re thrilled our work’s been recognised and to have been shortlisted as GBT 2022 finalists for the Best Tech Recruiter award. Ahead of the winners being announced in just a few weeks, here’s a little more about us.

About Levin

With a London HQ and offices in Singapore, The Netherlands, New York, San Francisco, and Germany, Levin comprises four multinational brands – Storm2Storm3Storm4, and Storm5. They’re dedicated to FinTech, HealthTech, GreenTech and RetailTech respectively and share a mission to be the go-to people for connecting talent with the most innovative businesses across the globe. 

With a fast-paced culture, we’re the first recruitment company of our kind to be striving to grow at the same rate as a tech start-up. Now with a headcount of circa. 300, Levin’s experienced year-on-year growth since its launch just four years ago.

Levin’s ethos

Although at the heart of fierce technological revolution and advancement, people have commented on our sense of compassion and a refreshingly personable approach to recruitment.

Levin’s four tech sectors were chosen specifically for aligning with our culture of innovation and rapidity. But founders, leaders, and employees are all driven by being at the forefront of an industry responsible for changing lives – not only imminently but for future generations too. 

From managing our finances, our health, and our environment, to the way we consume services and goods, Levin’s passionate about its invaluable role in technology as well as four relentlessly expanding markets. Our team’s proud to play an essential role in supporting the growth of the entire tech world and helping ambitious companies grow…but specifically ambitious companies who are improving the way we live.

Regardless of Levin’s rapid growth and fast-moving marketplace, we’ve instilled a culture of support and team playing. Our leaders all actively contribute to the ongoing mentoring and training of employees and are committed to developing both the professional and soft skills of their people. The company’s a unique blend of exciting marketplaces and supportive culture is testament to the exceptional retention rate shared earlier.

Why Levin’s entered the Global Business Tech awards

It’s all these cultural, ethical, and professional elements combined which has led to Levin entering this year’s Global Business Tech award for Best Tech Recruiter. We’re really proud of the work we’ve done since our launch and of the future plans we have for further expansion in support of the tech industry.

Our award submission contained details of the amazing work we’ve completed on our relatively short journey so far, plus associated financial stats, and how we’ve become well-known in our markets despite our recent launch. Our newest brand, Storm5 has only been operating in the RetailTech space since 2021 and has experienced a very successful start, even though it opened mid-pandemic. We’re proud that in our first few years we’ve been able to achieve more than some companies do in an entire decade.  

What a win means for Levin

Winning GBT’s Best Recruiter Award would mean recognition from the tech world for all our achievements so far. It would also be a celebration of the impact being made within each of the brands’ respective tech spaces and an additional incentive to continue making a difference to the tech world, and the people within it. being announced in just a few weeks

Levin’s Marketing Director, Chelcie Harry says “We’re really aware of how seriously GBT’s judges take the awards and that’s why we’re elated to have been chosen as finalists for the Best Tech Recruiter award. It’s an exciting time for us and this most recent shortlisting is something else for our organisation to be proud of and celebrate. We’re really looking forward to joining all the other finalists and being part of the awards in May.”

Whatever the outcome of the awards, we’ll continue our journey to providing inspiration to other businesses and resetting belief systems around what’s possible. We’ll keep on providing a platform for employees, candidates, and clients to achieve their full potential within the tech industry, creating pride, stories and friends for life. 

Levin’s here for the long-haul. So, watch this space!

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