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Shopbox AI’s innovative shopping experience earns a finalist spot for Tech Company of the Year

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Published Date 31.03.2023

Shopbox AI is delighted to announce that it has been named a finalist for ‘Tech Company of the Year, Small’ at the Global Business Tech Awards. The recognition is a testament to the innovation and hard work put into creating an AI-powered adaptive shopping experience platform that is revolutionising online retail.

About Shopbox AI:

Shopbox AI is a disruptive and unique AI-powered adaptive shopping experience platform that uses shopper psychology at the centre of its AI. It has transformed generic online stores into a personalised experience that adapts to each visitor in real-time throughout their shopping journey. The platform is designed to wrap around the shopper, providing a seamless experience that is unmatched by other personalisation systems in the market.

Our Mission:

Shopbox AI was founded with the mission of democratising AI for retailers of all sizes. According to Alan Gormley, CEO of Shopbox AI, “We saw that companies like Amazon have been using AI for 20 years, and there was no reason why this should not be available to other retailers. We wanted to make this technology accessible to all online retailers, regardless of size, so they too can provide a superior experience to their shoppers.”

Shopbox AI is an innovative and disruptive platform that has changed the way retailers approach personalisation. The platform is designed to learn from each shopper’s behaviour and preferences and adapt in real-time, providing them with a tailored shopping experience, so every customer owns a piece of the store. This approach has helped retailers of all sizes increase their sales and customer engagement. Typically, our customers see a 3X increase in conversion rate and between a 10-40% increase in AOV. This uplift not only has an impact on the overall bottom line but also delivers higher ROI for advertising campaigns. Another reason retailers love us is that it takes zero to little effort on their end to get set up.

Why Shopbox AI entered the Global Business Tech Awards:

Entering the Global Business Tech Awards was a way for Shopbox AI to showcase our innovative platform to a wider audience. It was an opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to delivering a superior shopping experience for customers and driving business success for retailers. We were excited to be among the finalists and are confident that our technology stood out in the category.

What a Win Means for Us

Alan Gormley, CEO of Shopbox AI, expressed his excitement about being named a finalist, saying, “The last 3 years have been incredibly exciting for us. We have grown our team by 4 times, won 2 awards and grown our customer base manyfold. Being recognised as the only Irish company means a lot, and it would help us take our platform global much faster.”

Tariq Zaki, CTO of Shopbox AI, added, “We are honoured to be recognised as a finalist. This is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team to create a platform that transforms online retail. We believe that Shopbox AI has the potential to revolutionise the industry, and we are thrilled to have this recognition”

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