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Eazi-business share how they feel about being shortlisted for the Global Business Tech Awards

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Published Date 17.04.2023

Eazi-Business has recently been selected as a finalist for Global Business Tech Awards 2023, reflecting a significant achievement for the company. The award serves as a recognition for exceptional performance in the field of business technology, and being among the nominees is a source of pride for the organisation. The company feels honoured to receive this recognition, which reinforces its dedication to excellence in the industry.

About Company

Eazi-Business is a well-established franchise in the digital marketing industry, dedicated to providing business-in-a-box to aspiring entrepreneurs. The organisations primary focus is to empower partners by offering a robust suite of digital services they can offer to local businesses.

Eazi-Business’s opportunity not only provides our partners with the training and technology needed to launch and operate their own digital marketing businesses but also offers entrepreneurs the freedom and flexibility to enjoy a better work-life balance while earning a substantial income.

Eazi-Business has seen huge growth within on the global stage, with a partner network spanning over 40 countries. They are proud to have helped over 300 entrepreneurs achieve financial freedom through a commitment to digital transformation.

At Eazi-Business, they remain dedicated to providing exceptional value to partners, clients, and communities. They constantly exploring new ways to leverage technology and innovation to enhance services and drive success.

Previous Recognition

Over the past years, Eazi-Business has received numerous prestigious awards, including the Gold Stevie Award for Sales and Customer Service in 2020 and the Gold prize for Company of the Year in the Information Technology Software category of the 2019 Golden Bridge Awards. Eazi-Business was also a finalist in the National Business Awards and named a top 100 franchise in the UK. They are deeply honoured to have been nominated as a finalist for the Global Business Tech Awards. This prestigious recognition celebrates outstanding achievement in business technology, and Eazi-Business are proud to be among the nominees.

“We are absolutely thrilled that our company has been nominated for such a prestigious award, especially when considering the fierce competition. At Eazi-Business, we take pride in empowering entrepreneurs with the tools to overcome technical challenges and build successful businesses. It’s an incredible feeling to hear respected judges, not only praise our products and services, but also acknowledge our exceptional customer service and online educational facilities. We work tirelessly to improve these areas of our business, and it’s an enormous source of pride to have our efforts recognised in this way.” – says Zakir Daud, CEO of Eazi-Business.

Eazi-Business’ entry to the Global Business Tech awards

Eazi-Business is a company that has always been committed to staying at the forefront of digital innovation, delivering powerful cutting-edge solutions to our worldwide partner network.

Entering into the Global Business Tech Awards is a way for Eazi-Business to seek recognition and confirmation that our team is on the right track and providing the best possible services. The Eazi-Buisness team believe that being part of this esteemed event will allow them to showcase a commitment to excellence and our dedication to empowering entrepreneurs worldwide. It will also provide Eazi-Business with an opportunity to learn from other industry leaders and gain exposure to new technologies and business models.

What significance does winning the award hold for Eazi-Business?

Winning the Global Business Tech Award would mean a great deal to Eazi-Business. This prestigious recognition would signify that they are definitely on the right track in providing cutting-edge digital services to entrepreneurs worldwide. It would be a testament to the hard work, dedication, and expertise of the team, as well as a confirmation of a commitment to excellence. Winning this award would be a significant milestone in the journey towards becoming a leading digital marketing company. It would also give Eazi-Business even more motivation to continue developing the business, innovate further, and explore new opportunities to empower entrepreneurs worldwide. At Eazi-Business, they believe that this recognition would inspire them to push even harder towards our vision of helping their partners build successful and thriving businesses.

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