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Elev X!: Igniting Innovation with NEC X

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Published Date 16.04.2024

By Shintaro Matsumoto, President & CEO, NEC X

In the fast-paced world of startups, the journey from idea to impact is often fraught with challenges. At NEC X, we’re not just helping navigate this path; we’re transforming it.

NEC X’s mission transcends the boundaries of traditional tech accelerators, incubators, or venture studios. We’re redefining the journey for startups and entrepreneurs globally by providing the vital guidance, support, tools and resources needed to thrive in today’s competitive startup landscape.

While our recent acknowledgment as a finalist in the prestigious Global Business Tech Awards serves as a nod to our efforts, our greatest excitement lies in the daily successes and breakthroughs within Elev X! and each of our startup members.

Who We Are: The Heart of NEC X

NEC X stands as a beacon of innovation, situated in the vibrant Silicon Valley ecosystem. Born from the legacy of NEC Corporation and 125 years of global IT expertise, our studio is a testament to the power of combining world-class technology with visionary entrepreneurial spirit. Our goal is simple yet ambitious: to catalyze the growth of startups aspiring to make change and drive significant industry revolutions.  Since its inception in 2018, NEC X has helped launch and grow more than 100 startups.

Elev X! Unveiled: A Haven for Startups

Elev X! is our flagship initiative, meticulously crafted and highly customized to support each startup, from ideation to scale. Offering two tracks of support—Ignite for entrepreneurs at the ideation or prototyping phase, and Boost for seed-stage startups poised for growth—Elev X! is a comprehensive ecosystem designed to nurture innovation and accelerate success at every stage of development, and beyond.

The Elev X! Advantage

Joining Elev X! means embarking on a journey of unparalleled growth and innovation. In our ecosystem, startups gain access to an array of unique resources and game-changing opportunities, including:

  • Strategic Funding: Access to equity funding in addition to support services and in-kind investments, customized for your growth phase
  • NEC Engineering Support: Fast-track your journey from idea to market, leveraging NEC’s global tech expertise and state-of-the-art tools
  • Cutting-Edge Tech: Deploy advanced tools, such as AI/ML, analytics, and more, with guidance and counsel from NEC’s top researchers
  • Unparalleled Partnerships: Unlock opportunities for strategic collaborations and investment opportunities, including Alchemist Accelerator, ERA, SVG Ventures | THRIVE and NEC groups
  • Tailored Support & Mentorship: Collaborate directly with industry leaders for personalized support at every stage of development
  • Workshops & Learning: Join exclusive workshops and skill-building sessions, led by industry leaders and fellow innovators

Additionally, our startup members gain unparalleled access to over 45,000 patents, a network of 5,000 entrepreneurs and seasoned advisors, customer reach into 55+ international markets, and an $8 billion R&D ecosystem.

Spotlighting Success: Metabob’s Elev X! Journey

As our very first graduate, Metabob’s evolution within Elev X! highlights the program’s capacity to turn visionary concepts into market-defining products.

Metabob tackles one of the most complex challenges developers face: detecting and resolving issues before they escalate. Utilizing AI-assisted static code analysis, Metabob offers a unique solution that enables developers to uncover and address complex hidden errors efficiently, before merging their code.

The AI-powered solution can reduce debugging time by as much 83% or more!

The story of Metabob, however, starts with the vision of its founder, Massi Genta, whose profound expertise, passion, and ambition caught the attention of NEC X. Recognizing the potential for synergy, NEC X welcomed Massi and Metabob into the Elev X! program, setting the stage for a journey of remarkable evolution and collaboration.

“Through my journey as an EIR, I’ve worked with an extremely talented team of researchers. We work together to make groundbreaking technology into tangible products that will positively benefit society. A challenge with startups is finding the right team. With NEC X, you’ll work with a group of talented experts with unique skills, turning technology concepts into a product. The unique structure of NEC X allows me to learn the workflow and execution of a big corporation, through fast-paced innovation like a high growth startup.” – Massi Genta

By leveraging NEC’s cutting-edge technologies and comprehensive support system, Metabob has dramatically enhanced the efficiency and quality of software development across the industry. 

Together, We Innovate

At NEC X, we’re more than just a program; we’re a community dedicated to driving the future of technology and entrepreneurship. We offer not just a path to startup success, but a partnership for collaboration and innovation. Let’s build the future together.

Visit to embark on your journey of innovation and success. You can also find more information at

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