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Condeco Named 2022 Global Business Tech Awards Finalist for Tech Company of the Year (Medium Size)

Author image Published by Sue Johns-Chapman
Published Date 08.04.2022

Condeco is leading the way in workspace solutions, consistently looking for ways to adapt and grow with the culture that offices are moving towards and bases its efforts on numbers and proof. 

As the global leader in enterprise level workspace solutions, Condeco’s proprietary scheduling software is designed to equip employees with the right tools to help them best manage their flexible workday, while allowing organizations to manage capacity, health and safety concerns, and space allocation based on evolving business needs. 

Condeco delivers intelligent data analytics to measure how the office really works, providing valuable insights into why employees use specific spaces so organizations can understand what their teams need to be productive and engaged. For example, the office may be the center for collaborative work, while individual work is better done at home. In fact, according to recent research, 61% of employees say working from home is preferable for individual work. These behavioral insights allow organizations to adjust workspaces based on employee needs. 

Not only does the Condeco platform serve as a one-stop shop for managing schedules and space utilization, but the technology also helps employers maximize space usage and productivity through workplace analytics. By understanding utilization, business leaders can make informed, data-driven decisions about meeting spaces, personal desks, and real estate based on real-time insight from employees. Predictive analytics also enable leaders to reshape environments based on insights, which is increasingly important in today’s world of flexible work.  

The ever-changing work environment requires an adaptable office to meet employee expectations, and Condeco helps business leaders create that reality while prioritizing productivity and flexibility. 

As corporate leaders worldwide act quickly to navigate today’s fluid environment, Condeco is investing strategically to expand its workspace solutions for the enterprise. Its acquisition of Proxyclick reflects the needs of customers to connect people in the workplace without compromising health or security, while also addressing any potential new legal and compliance requirements needed from employees and visitors prior to entering the workplace.

Condeco’s 2,000+ customers are leading the trend toward more flexibility by providing their employees the tools and technology needed to achieve a successful work-from-anywhere model. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Condeco is an easy choice for companies looking to reimagine how they work and powering their strategies with innovation.

Paul Statham – Founder & Group Executive

Condeco is thrilled to be named to the Global Business Tech Awards shortlist and honored as a finalist for Tech Company of the Year (medium). As the future of work remains unknown, and companies seek trusted tools that they can depend on to help them navigate it, employees and their employers will discover the benefits of having Condeco’s enterprise grade software system to help make their flexible office work better. 

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