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Adthos is flipping the script on audio advertising

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Published Date 25.05.2022

The Adthos Platform was created with a single goal: to democratize the audio advertising industry. It was built to answer today’s most pressing challenges – changing consumer behavior, data utilization and pace of development in the digital space. We wanted to level the playing field for terrestrial broadcasters who – until now – have not had access to a specialized product that could give them an equal foot in the door in the digital audio market. . By providing both advertisers and broadcasters with innovative tools, we hoped that the possibilities for all to create effective, targeted audio advertising.

Multiple ‘firsts’ for the audio advertising industry

Our first release was the  Adthos Ad Server, offering free-to-download first of its kind ad-serving technology built specifically for radio. This lightweight yet powerful addition to any existing traffic or playout system can be installed without multiple integrations and zero downtime. Radio stations gain the ability to easily sell, schedule and execute multi-platform campaigns with minimal intervention and many tasks completely automated. With instant reconciliation and intuitive customer interfaces providing campaign updates and insights at a moment’s notice, and the ability to replace spots in real time delivering incredible responsiveness. 

The second release  – another first of-a-kind – was the Adthos Creative Studio, which allows the creation of broadcast-quality, targeted audio advertising on-the-go using advanced text-to-speech and synthetic voice technology; harnessing the power of AI to produce natural sounding, programmable audio. This browser-based multitrack editor allows broadcasters and advertisers to collaborate online, combining music, human and synthetic voice to produce audio adverts in real-time.   With a voice library of 40 US – English voices, including broadcast professionals and Emmy-award winners (with the ability to add more), which are brought to life by controlling intonation, speed and applying reading rules for content such as phone numbers or emails. It also offers features commonly found in Digital Audio Workstations: equalizers, compressors, limiters, with an option to use professional plugins.

The Adthos Platform allows on-the-go spot creation and offers powerful targeting possibilities: dynamically using any webservice to insert content based on different datasets to produce timely, relevant advertising. From web-based information such as weather services, using geo-targeting for location-based advertising, or even Excel files in the case of pricing catalogues for supermarket deals.   

Broadcasters and Advertisers are already waking up to the power of Adthos

The industry is beginning to appreciate the power of synthetic voice technology, with some international broadcasters deploying the Creative Studio with several of their key advertisers. From the production of creatives which automatically generate up to thousands of  versions depending on location or other kinds of data, to personalized audio invitations for events – the possibilities are vast. Using Adthos, broadcasters and advertisers are not only able to create, produce and playout their ads in record time, they also have access to a suite of pre-produced adverts covering various kinds of businesses or services which can be quickly and easily customized to their needs.

Adtech as a force for good

And it’s not only for commercial uses, in October 2021, we were able to generate a free-to-download readymade campaign for radio stations focused on encouraging Covid19 vaccine uptake which could be downloaded and used for free, with promos covering 6,500 cities in 40 countries, and in 70 languages and dialects. 

We were exceptionally proud of this campaign and see the deployment of this technology offers huge benefits to end users such as health authorities in crises such as the Covid19 pandemic. So often AI, and this kind of synthetic voice technology, is looked at with cynicism and distrust, but here we were able to deploy it for good, enabling the possibility to share a critical public health message across the world in record time.

Industry recognition for Adthos

We are delighted not only that our clients are beginning to reap the benefits of what we have created, but also that our innovation is being recognized by the industry at large. Winning the Adtech Company of the Year from the Global Business Tech Awards is an exceptionally proud moment for us, and we are thankful that they have acknowledged the value in what we do.

Adthos Founder and CEO, Raoul Wedel says, “We are delighted at the recognition that Adthos continues to receive and thank Global Business Tech Awards in particular for this honor. We’re already so proud of what we have achieved, and to have it independently validated by the industry is fantastic. We have a lot more still to come with the platform so watch this space!”

Hearing is believing

The Adthos Ad Server is free to download and use, sign up here.  And you can experience the power of Adthos Creative Studio with a 1-month free trial, with subscriptions starting after that for as little as $49.95/month. You can also check out some audio samples here

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