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Bannerflow’s Creative Management Platform Shortlisted as AdTech Company of the Year

Author image Published by Sue Johns-Chapman
Published Date 04.04.2023

We are incredibly honoured to be a finalist for the Global Business Tech Awards‘ AdTech Company of the Year category. This recognition not only acknowledges the impact of our platform in our market but would also serve as a great source of motivation for everyone at the company who works on and develops the platform daily. Winning the award would not only validate our hard work, but it would also support us in achieving our vision. Furthermore, being recognised as a winner among other businesses in the same industry would be a great compliment, according to Bannerflow’s CMO, Anna Lasson.

Founded in 2010, Bannerflow is a rapidly growing SaaS company with a cloud-based Creative Management Platform (CMP) at its core. Bannerflow streamlines digital advertising production and has experienced significant growth in recent years. At the core of growth, they also have a strong company culture focused on global expansion. With their innovative CMP, they have established themselves as a leader in the industry and continue to drive growth and success through their dedication to excellence.

The Bannerflow platform supports the entire campaign flow, from ad creation to campaign management, performance optimisation, and personalisation. Bannerflow strives to make digital advertising easy and help clients achieve their marketing goals through a comprehensive, user-friendly platform.

In many ways, Bannerflow acts as a mini production agency for brands reducing time, maximising ROI, and, most importantly, enabling marketing teams to automate the production of impactful and personalised advertising. Using Bannerflow, customers have full in-house control, cost control, a better possibility for planning budgets, and transparency over every decision and every action the team makes across their digital advertising.

13 Years of Customer-Centric Development

The platform enables flexibility and agility to act faster across channels with live, personalisation ads. According to Telia, a Bannerflow customer, the most significant benefit of working with the platform is cutting production time by 80 % while also cutting go-to-market time from 20 to only 4 days.

According to another customer, the Betway Group, Bannerflow has saved them approximately 15,500 hours in production time. To put that in perspective, that’s the equivalent of one designer working for seven years.

– We’re humbled and proud of all the great testimonials coming from our customers. Their feedback is also the most essential source of development for us, says Anna Lasson.

Bannerflow has been developing as a solution based on customer feedback for 13 years and therefore has a significant advantage over competitors in its platform. The customer and the product have always been at the centre. This year, the company has doubled its development team to maintain and develop its position as the Creative Management platforms category leader.

– Being shortlisted is a testament to the dedication and hard work that makes our platform a valuable resource for designers and marketers. We strive to facilitate their day-to-day work by eliminating repetitive tasks, enabling collaboration in the cloud, and enabling the quick design of ads for various channels. Our goal is to help them create digital advertising that truly makes an impact, and we are thrilled to be recognised for our efforts.

The customer-centric approach is also noticed in the tailoring of the platform. Bannerflow is customised based on specific customer’s needs, their company size, which features they need, how many marketing teams and brands they have and how much they aim to produce.

Although the end goal is always the same for every customer – helping them achieve maximum efficiency and impact, boosting performance and helping create ads for a range of personalisation solutions that keep costs low, ROI high, and connect with consumers.







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