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NetSupport’s education customers gain more than just a new solution…

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Published Date 13.04.2023

NetSupport works with education customers in more than 120 countries across the world – listening to and learning from schools, educators, IT staff, support staff, students and parents to help us create easy-to-use solutions that answer their everyday challenges, no matter where they are. 

Our solutions for schools

NetSupport’s latest solution for schools is a 3-in-1, cloud-based solution called It helps schools with flexible classroom instruction, online safety, and school technology management. Being browser-based, it is easy for teachers and students to get to grips with, whether it’s being used in-person in the classroom, remotely or a hybrid of both. Launched in the summer of 2020, it’s already supporting over 100,000 learners across 36 countries and has won awards in its own right, such as the Hybrid Learning category in the Teach Secondary Awards 2022. 

Co-production is an essential element of our development process. The feedback we gain from customers helps to shape the tools within our solutions – from software for classroom management and instruction, to technology for online safety, network management and mass notification, as well as pupil progress tracking. This means that schools gain the exact functionality they need to improve students’ outcomes and make life easier for IT staff, teachers, students and parents by increasing efficiency and enhancing communication.

Giving educators more

Supporting educators is all part of the NetSupport offer, so we produce value-add resources, e.g. writing best practice articles for the education press, hosting and guesting on education discussion podcasts, providing our Check It Out! Show as an accessible platform for other edtech vendors to come together to showcase their innovations to schools – and offering a free education magazine, R.I.S.E. Magazine, full of educators’ contributions, to allow them to share best practice and ideas in more depth than they can on social media.

Thank you for shortlisting us!

NetSupport is delighted to be selected as a finalist in the Global Business Tech Awards! The independent recognition that comes from being an awards finalist is invaluable for promoting confidence in our company and products and will be an excellent endorsement for us as we continue to introduce our solutions to schools in the UK and beyond.

We’d like to thank the awards judges for shortlisting us alongside some great companies in our category of EdTech Company of the Year – and we wish everyone the best of luck!

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