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OvationCXM, Customer Experience Management Leader Shortlisted as Fintech Company of the Year

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Published Date 20.04.2023

OvationCXM is honored to be selected as a finalist for the Global Business Tech Awards in the category, “Fintech Company of the Year.” This selection underscores our culture of innovation and dedication to transforming the customer experience in a way that hasn’t been done before.

About OvationCXM

OvationCXM, a leader in customer experience management (CXM), is revolutionizing how businesses and enterprises deliver elevated customer experiences. Our one-of-a-kind CXMEngine® is the first CXM platform to provide companies with tools to optimize broken customer journeys in real time by unlocking visibility, collaboration and communication across the organization and its partner ecosystem without re-architecture or changing legacy systems. Using sophisticated drag-and-drop journey orchestration and connections to platforms and tools companies use daily, OvationCXM’s platform puts the tools in business owners’ hands to design, orchestrate and tweak customer journeys on the fly to meet emerging use cases, heightened customer expectations and market opportunities.

For decades, companies have invested in numerous customer-facing tools to become “digital-first” without changing their back-office functional silos. As more partners and technologies are added, complexity grows creating a more disconnected ecosystem to deliver the customer experience. While that impacts the efficiency of a company’s operations, it also leads to a fragmented, unsatisfying customer journey, with “too many people and organizations involved.” Typically, in order to break through these silos, significant re-engineering of the IT infrastructure is required, starting with legacy system updates or replacement. At OvationCXM, we offer businesses, enterprises and financial institutions the ability to digitally transform and compete in a complex competitive marketplace without the need for re-engineering.

Our Mission

OvationCXM was founded with the intent to bridge the communication gap between customers and their providers. Our groundbreaking CXM technology provides clients with the capability to curate and guide ideal customer experiences through the use of our conversational AI combined with ChatGPT’s dynamic text generation. Many of OvationCXM’s customers have dramatically impacted their business outcomes in a short time, increasing revenue, tripling their satisfaction scores, reducing operating expenses, and plugging sources of revenue exposure in under three months.

OvationCXM provides a comprehensive approach with an end-to-end solution, empowering its customers to elevate their customer experiences. We’re committed to empowering businesses with the technology and tools they need to ensure their customers feel valued and deeply appreciated. Our ultimate goal is to ensure our clients’ customers are more satisfied and able to develop long-term relationships more than ever before.

Why the Global Business Tech Awards

As we continue to evolve as a company and expand our customer experience impact globally, we want to share our innovative and disruptive platform with the world. Entering the Global Business Tech Awards provides OvationCXM with the ability to showcase the next-generation of CXM technology and further cement our place in this industry as a leader and innovator that helps propel businesses forward while also creating more happy, loyal customer bases.

What Winning Means for Us

“We are absolutely thrilled that our company has been nominated for such a prestigious award within the fintech space,” said OvationCXM Founder and CEO Chip Kahn. “We’ve built a strong foundation for the future of this technology, and are confident in our ability to lead the industry into the next generation of customer journey management and design.”

As digital transformation continues to be a stated priority for enterprises, OvationCXM can provide the engine for true CX change that goes beyond front-end systems to streamline journeys from end to end. Brands that provide unmatched customer service and speed to market with new capabilities and feature sets will continue to flourish. As these partnerships expand, which they will continue to do, companies will need to grapple with even more complicated and disjointed ecosystems that have not yet been tamed by existing tools and platforms. Being named “Fintech Company of the Year” is one way OvationCXM can break through the existing conversation about CX and digital transformation to showcase what business agility through journey orchestration and connected ecosystems can deliver to brands. More satisfied and loyal customers (and teams) lead to more positive business outcomes for companies and their partners. Using OvationCXM’s customer experience management tools will  revolutionize the customer experience.

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