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SMARTECH – finalist of GLOBAL BUSINESS TECH AWARDS in the category Manufacturing Tech Disruptor of the Year

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Published Date 20.04.2023

SMARTECH is honored to be shortlisted as a finalist for the Global Business Tech Award in the Manufacturing Tech Disruptor of the Year category. This is a testament to the company’s dedication to innovation and disruption in the manufacturing industry.

The Global Business Tech Awards recognizes companies that have demonstrated excellence in the use of technology to drive growth and transformation in their respective industries. SMARTECH has been shortlisted for the award due to its revolutionary solutions for traditional manufacturers that reduce raw material use and unleash the latent potential of data to improve profitability of manufacturers.

SMARTECH‘s disruptive solutions dramatically improve manufacturing operations resulting in a significant increase in overall profitability.

With successful installations around the world, our proprietary solutions have proven themselves in major manufacturing facilities, handling a wide range of demanding production environments. Due to its demonstrated portfolio of profitability-enhancing solutions, SMARTECH has earned a reputation as a trusted technology vendor for leading traditional manufacturers.

Autonomous Manewfacturing™ Solutions

Powered by AI, the Autonomous Manewfacturing™ software is a first-of-the-kind solution that goes beyond traditional industrial automation and brings autonomy for continuous production lines, acting in real-time independently of the human operator. Autonomous Manewfacturing™ drives multiple improvements across all three critical production parameters: cost, productivity, and quality and offers exceptional capabilities to traditional manufacturers.


SMARTECH’s pioneering patent-protected SMARTWAX System transforms the way wax is used in manufacturing. The SMARTWAX System is integrated directly into existing production lines and generates a wax-in-water suspension that provides up to 40% cost savings. The wax suspension replaces more expensive wax emulsion, bulk or slack wax alternatives without any penalty to performance.


SMARTMDI is the unmatched solution for the reduction of MDI resin by at least 15% for relevant manufacturing industries. SMARTMDI generates a water-based MDI suspension in real-time where the water functions as a dispersion medium, viscosity modifier and promoter of surface binding. The SMARTMDI System enables a lower MDI resin load and smaller carbon footprint while maintaining strict quality standards. With a short ROI, SMARTMDI boosts plant profitability and contributes to sustainability targets.


Winning the award would mean a great deal to us and would be a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team.

Hanoch Magid, CEO of SMARTECH said: “Entering the Global Business Tech Award is integral for SMARTECH, as winning this prestigious recognition will contribute to broadening our brand and presence. It will help us establish SMARTECH as a leading player in our industry and increase our brand value and reputation”.

Winning the award would be a recognition of our commitment to innovation and disruption in the manufacturing industry. It would be a validation of the impact that our solutions have on the industry, and would help to establish our position as a leader in the space.

The award would also be a morale booster for our team, recognizing their hard work and dedication to our mission. It would give us a sense of pride and accomplishment, and motivate us to continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the manufacturing industry.


SMARTECH Manewfacturing™ Technologies is a pioneering Israeli hi-tech company that provides game-changing solutions that boost profitability for traditional manufacturers.

SMARTECH revolutionizes industry by reducing raw material use and unleashing the latent potential of data to improve manufacturing throughput and product quality, all at lower costs,  by transforming existing production lines into high-performing, data-driven and sustainable assets. SMARTECH is headquartered in Israel, with a presence in the USA, Canada, Europe, Asia and Latin America.

SMARTECH currently employs 36 technology experts in industrial and process engineering, data analytics, artificial intelligence, and software development. SMARTECH management consists of a team of visionaries with extensive experience in incubating, delivering and scaling innovative technology solutions to enterprise customers around the globe.

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