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Yseop’s Generative AI Solutions for Regulated Industries

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Published Date 24.04.2023

Yseop is thrilled to be named a 2023 Global Business Tech Awards finalist for Tech Company of the Year. As a generative AI software company and pioneer in Natural Language Processing (NLP), Yseop’s core Natural Language Generation (NLG) platform accelerates, modernizes and scales complex workflows for top pharmaceutical companies and financial institutions. The team at Yseop prides itself on being the secure automation solution for regulated industries, such as the pharmaceutical industry.

For more context, Yseop’s suite of tools and NLG software facilitates the deepest level of data understanding and highest quality narrative generation in the industry. Its strong linguistic foundation is the key to the quality of its written narrative outputs. Yseop uses the core components of Generative AI for content creation, using a combination of automation technologies to deliver high-quality and value to customers. AI systems should be human centric and amplify human abilities to increase efficiency and make work more enjoyable, productive, and fair. By augmenting human analysis and implementing AI technologies, Yseop’s goal is to allow skilled workers to focus on more strategic initiatives, rather than spending hours on end analyzing data.

The Go to Solution for Regulated Industries

Navigating a post-pandemic world has been a challenge across all industries, most notably those in the regulated space. The pharmaceutical and financial services industries need speed and efficiency to keep up with a digital transformation at unprecedented rates, which is where Yseop steps in. Yseop’s goal is to support companies through this digital transformation, enabling them to unlock business value and empower employees to work faster and smarter. Through automation, companies can transform the way their businesses operate by expediting processes and producing error-free documentation at scale.

Within the pharmaceutical industry in particular, Gartner predicts that 30% of new drugs and materials will be systematically discovered using generative AI techniques by 2025. The need for automation will only continue to skyrocket in popularity. Yseop’s novel approach to regulatory submissions and reporting has made machine learning an essential part of life sciences companies’ futures, such as Eli Lilly. Such AI solutions increase productivity and keep scientific writing in-house for improved quality control. Overall, scientific writers across hundreds of clinical trials have cut writing times significantly. An average patient narrative required an average of four hours of data consolidation and cross-functional writing. With Yseop, a fully automated report can take only four seconds. Deploying AI technologies enables teams to move one step closer to getting life saving drugs and medicines in the hands of the people that need them the most. 

Additionally, Yseop for finance has allowed companies to modernize their financial and performance reporting at scale and automate the generation of text reports from any structured data, saving 30 minutes on each analysis. Yseop for financial analysts and controllers eliminates up to 50% of time spent on reporting tasks across all of corporate finance, with weeks worth of analysis completed in seconds. Over the next five years, Yseop is on track to automate 80% of the total clinical document landscape and continue to bring impactful technologies and solutions to highly regulated industries.

Leading the Workplace Revolution

As a trailblazer through its generative AI and NLG solutions, Yseop understands the nuances of navigating highly regulated industries. The next industrial revolution is being led by AI and automation. Yseop is leading this workplace revolution by solving essential problems of eliminating repetitive, data-crunching analysis, reducing human error, and freeing up time to focus on critical decision making.

This is a great achievement to be named a finalist with the Global Business Tech Awards, as this recognition enables us to continue to share our AI technology solutions to make impactful changes for regulated industries. To learn more about Yseop’s generative AI solutions for regulated industries, please visit and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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