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GrowByData are proud be shortlisted for a Global Business Tech Award

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Published Date 04.05.2023

GrowByData, a Boston based technology company was founded in 2014. We offer the world’s largest agencies, brands, and retailers with unified visibility into the journeys of buyers across all the ways in which they search for, and buy, products and services across the Web, including search engines, marketplaces, and direct-to-consumer sites.

GrowByData’s Holistic Search Explorer tool offers a comprehensive view of various dimensions, including search, product, marketplaces, pricing, and competition, which is not available in current search engine marketing tools.  In today’s market, brands need a unique marketing strategy to win over competition. GrowByData enables brands and agencies to create a hyper-customized and localized marketing strategy. The intelligence offered by GrowByData has helped some of the world’s largest brands and agencies, across various categories such as retail, financial services, and technology, to enhance their performance.

With the ability to track over 30 distinct SERP features, the Holistic Search Explorer allows marketers to understand the composition of SERP for a specific keyword or category and identify which features competitors frequently appear in, and pinpoint areas where they may be gaining or losing visibility. Through unrestricted access to all data and insights, the Holistic Search Explorer is a powerful tool for fully understanding and optimizing your brand’s presence on Google across categories, regardless of category, geography, or languages.

At GrowByData, we believe that we have a significant breakthrough. Our conviction stems from the fact that search has been impacted by two primary forces over the last few years, and we think that platforms, service providers, and advertisers are still struggling to adapt. The first force is the ever-changing search experiences of customers, with new SERP formats popping up daily on desktop and mobile devices. It is challenging to stay on top of all these developments and ensure that your business remains visible across all cutting-edge platforms. Secondly, as the market becomes more automated, marketers and agencies must adopt new approaches to devise strategies while being more mindful of the changes in their domain. With our solution, we aim to address both these issues through a single offering.

We are thrilled to be one of the finalists for the Best Use of Innovation. Being nominated at the Global Business Tech Awards would not only promote our business but also raise awareness of the challenges that we need to address as an industry. It is an honor for us to be recognized for our team’s hard work and dedication in creating a powerful tool that helps businesses succeed in Google search marketing.

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