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Eazi-Business: From Local Mobile App Development Company to Globally Recognised Franchise

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Published Date 19.06.2023

Eazi-Business, a renowned franchise in the digital marketing industry, is a global leader in providing comprehensive Business-in-a-Box solution to aspiring entrepreneurs worldwide. With operations in over 40 countries, Eazi-Business has successfully empowered more than 300 entrepreneurs to effectively deliver mobile apps, websites and online reputation services to local businesses.

Notably, Eazi-Business was recently recognised for their excellence in the industry by receiving the Silver award at the Global Business Tech Awards. This acknowledgment highlights the company’s dedication to delivering top-notch digital marketing solutions and their commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology-driven business practices.


Established in 2012 as a mobile app development business, Eazi-Business quickly evolved to support aspiring entrepreneurs in launching their own technology businesses. By 2017, the company had already established a presence in over 40 countries. Moreover, since its establishment, Eazi-Business has achieved remarkable success in launching multiple brands, including Eazi-Sites and FullPivot. These achievements, coupled with receiving several prestigious awards by 2019, have significantly bolstered the company’s industry-wide recognition and reputation.

About the Company:

Eazi-Business is, known for its cohesive and dynamic team. The team collaborates seamlessly, fostering regular meetups and training sessions. Their shared passion for digital innovation and dedication to empowering entrepreneurs create a thriving work environment that promotes unity and cohesion within the Eazi-Business team.


Eazi-Business aims to transform businesses through digital innovation, recognising digital marketing as the key to success in today’s fast-paced world. By equipping partners with cutting-edge technology and comprehensive training, Eazi-Business enables them to provide powerful digital solutions to local businesses. Through their mission, Eazi-Business empowers entrepreneurs, offering them the freedom and flexibility to enjoy a better work-life balance while earning a substantial income.


Eazi-Business has received numerous prestigious awards, affirming their commitment to excellence and innovation. In 2020, the company was honoured with the Gold Stevie Award for Sales and Customer Service, recognising their outstanding achievements in these areas. They were also awarded the Gold prize for Company of the Year in the Information Technology Software category at the 2019 Golden Bridge Awards. Additionally, Eazi-Business was a finalist in the National Business Awards and named a top 100 franchise in the UK. These accolades highlight Eazi-Business’s leadership in the industry and their dedication to delivering exceptional services to partners and clients.

Participation in the UK Business Tech Awards

After achieving success at the Global Business Tech Awards, Eazi-Business has made the decision to participate in the UK Global Business Tech Awards. By taking part in this prestigious event, Eazi-Business can showcase their commitment to excellence and empowering entrepreneurs, making a positive impact on their lives.

Eazi-Business is proud to have received a silver award in the Transformation Through Technology category at the Global Business Tech Awards, which recognises their exceptional contributions to the industry. They remain dedicated to ongoing initiatives and continuous improvement, ensuring excellent results for their partners and reflecting their commitment to innovation and supporting partner success.

What a win means to Eazi-Business

“Winning the UK Business Tech Award would hold tremendous importance for Eazi-Business team. Winning this esteemed recognition would signify that our efforts are aligned with the right path of providing cutting-edge digital services to entrepreneurs worldwide. It would validate our dedication, hard work, and expertise while affirming our unwavering commitment to excellence.”


In conclusion, Eazi-Business has established itself as a prominent franchise in the digital marketing industry, empowering entrepreneurs worldwide through their comprehensive Business-in-a-Box solution. Eazi-Business’s mission to transform businesses through digital innovation has garnered recognition and prestigious awards, highlighting their excellence and dedication to providing exceptional services. Participation in the UK Business Tech Awards represents an opportunity for Eazi-Business to showcase their commitment to excellence and learn from industry leaders while further enhancing their offerings. Winning this esteemed recognition would serve as a significant milestone, validating their dedication, expertise, and unwavering commitment to empowering entrepreneurs. It would inspire them to work even harder, foster innovation, and expand their efforts in building thriving businesses. Eazi-Business remains poised to spearhead the digital transformation of the business landscape, reinforcing their position as industry leaders and providing unparalleled support to their partners.

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