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Enabling Customers To Love Their Telco: Invia A SAAS Success Story

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Published Date 02.04.2024

Communication is the key to success in the modern economy. As such telecom operators are important partners in growth of an organization. However, there is a lot of friction between an enterprise and their telecom operator. For too long, business customers have had to put up with disappointing customer service from their Telco, leading to high levels of complaints and churn – and cost – while Telcos have struggled to service complex customer needs using platforms designed more for the consumer market.

Invia is an IT SAAS Solutions company started in 2007. We are headquartered in Sydney, Australia with a presence across South-East Asia and India. We specialize in solving the most complex of challenges and problems for a telecom operator in the B2B and B2B2X segments. We close the gap between business customer needs and expectations, and Telco capabilities. Our comprehensive suite of solutions solves the most intractable problems that Telcos face in serving their business customers.

Our solutions that make it easy for enterprise, business, and government customers to love their telco. That’s no trivial feet, but we love a challenge. Our digital solutions span the entire telco lifecycle. They provide a significant competitive edge to telcos helping them win large accounts, grow revenues, and retain customers by significantly uplifting the experience of their enterprise, business, and government customers and reducing their cost of operations.

We work with leading telecom operators in Australia and the Asia Pacific regions. They trust us to deliver world-leading technology solutions for their customers. Over 350 enterprise and government customers of these telcos rely on Invia products for their operations.  They span across industries including fintech, logistics, automobile, aviation, education, among others. We also work extensively with government departments at both state and federal levels.

Our suite of SAAS solutions for Telcos and their customers include Asset360 which is an integrated and holistic Asset Management and Device as a Service platform; Bill360 a turnkey billing solution, that provides a simplified billing and payment engine; Fleet360 a complete suite of Telecom Expense Management Services; UEM360 a comprehensive Unified Endpoint Management as a Service that provides MDM platforms with wide-ranging licenses and end-to-end device lifecycle management solutions; CyberShield360 an advanced cybersecurity solution providing Attack Surface Management, Vulnerability Assessment, and Penetration Testing services; and Reward360 a bespoke rewards management solution that empowers organizations to uniquely shape their loyalty and engagement strategies.

Invia Shortlisted for SAAS Company of the Year

We are thrilled that Invia has been shortlisted for SAAS Company of the Year award at the Global Business Tech Awards 2024. It’s an honor to be recognized for our dedication to innovation, customer satisfaction, and driving positive change in the industry.  This is a testament to the innovative mindset of our great team.

Whether it is the product team, sales and marketing team, HR team, or finance team all of us work towards our objective of continuous improvement and enhancement of our products and services to meet the ever-evolving customer requirements. Innovation has always been the backbone of Invia, and we are glad that it has been recognized. At Invia, we don’t create solutions that simply meet expectations. We redefine the customer experience and offer solutions to problems that others couldn’t solve.

Apart from continuous innovation in our products, we also have a strong focus on data security. As a SaaS solutions provider, we handle a lot of sensitive client information including their customer details, billing records, device details etc. We have a dedicated team focussing on data security and privacy. We follow the latest data security protocols. We focus on upgrading our solutions to combat the latest cyber security threats.

We want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to our amazing clients and partners who have supported us on this journey. Their trust and collaboration continue to inspire us to reach new heights.

Follow us on LinkedIn to know the latest updates from Invia. You can visit our website to know more about our products and contact us to see how we can help streamline the way you work and deliver growth for your business.

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