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Mosaic Digital Systems Paving the Way to Automated Affiliate Management

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Published Date 11.04.2024

Mosaic Digital Systems is the premier performance marketing software for tracking, scaling, and optimizing affiliate program management for e-commerce brands. Our platform has helped over 1,000 brands automate their affiliate program at a cost-effective rate to help optimize return on ad spend. For far too long, smaller and midsized businesses have been barred from the classic agency approach that was required for brands seeking a high-performing partnerships program. With agencies charging a high premium for key industry connections and strategy, Mosaic has shaken the table by synthesizing all the functions of an affiliate agency into a streamlined platform.

The MDS team is incredibly proud of the work we’ve put in thus far to put the power of partnerships into the hands of growing e-commerce brands all over the nation. We are so grateful to be recognized as a groundbreaking SaaS company among so many prominent brands shaping the future of the digital landscape. 

Our founder and president, Kyle Mitnick, shared, “We’re elated to receive such a prestigious nomination.  Since we launched in 2023, our goal has been to translate our learnings from over a decade of affiliate management into a self-serve, automated platform that will allow brands to take control of their success in the space; it appears we’re making progress toward achieving that goal.  A special thanks to our customers and, most importantly, our team, who has sacrificed quite a bit to get our platform to this point.” 

MDS Solutions for Overcoming Affiliate Marketing Challenges

Although we officially launched last year, our experience in tackling affiliate marketing challenges goes back much further. Let’s start with a little backstory. Our Founder and President, Kyle Mitnick, dove headfirst into the affiliate marketing scene back in 2012. He built Advertise Purple, a powerhouse affiliate marketing agency that quickly rose to the nation’s top OPM. With over a decade of experience and a treasure trove of data under his belt, Mitnick set out to open up space in the affiliate marketing landscape by creating automation tools that would empower smaller brands to thrive in this space. 

We’ve leveraged performance data to develop innovative features that address the numerous pitfalls and blind spots marketers encounter when managing their affiliate programs. With Mosaic’s game-changing features, traditional affiliate marketing challenges are effectively neutralized.

MDS Partner Pairing™

One of our trademark features, Partner Pairing™, recommends new affiliates based on their past performance with similar companies. Brands can effortlessly extend offers to these affiliates with a single click, either in bulk or one by one. Previously, brands using conventional agency management approaches were limited in the amount of outreach they could complete when trying to form partnerships. With MDS technology, they are now able to perform 83% more affiliate recruitment actions than the leading OPM agency. This feature also helps alleviate concerns about fraudulent partnerships as each affiliate is thoroughly vetted by MDS.

MDS Campaign Connect™

Campaign Connect™ helps users synchronize and launch promotions specifically tailored to their program. Whether it entails increasing commissions for specific affiliates or implementing newsletters for the entire network, this feature identifies proven strategies and growth opportunities to enhance a brand’s program success. It’s highly customizable, allowing brands to With pre-filled campaign language that’s easily customizable, our clients can seamlessly integrate their internal promotions and ensure every communication with partners aligns with the brand.

MDS Reports Feature

Mosaic’s reports feature provides comprehensive insights into program performance. With reports on top performers and under-performers and commission tracking, this feature enables MDS users to monitor the health of their partnerships effectively and identify opportunities for improvement.


We’ve taken the headache out of sorting through applications. Our Auto-Accept tool instantly approves top publishers, so users can focus on what matters most while still snagging the best partnership opportunities.

Industry Insights 

This feature gives our clients a peak behind the curtain of the partnership industry, saving time and energy spent on research and discovery. With Industry Insights, MDS users can compare their performance with competitors, uncover top-performing affiliates, and get informed about industry standards for commissions to fine-tune their strategy for maximum success. This gives brands with smaller capacities the edge needed to stay ahead of the game.
As we speak, we are continually building out our platform and crafting new ways to streamline affiliate management solutions for e-commerce brands in 23 business verticals. Our thesis is that over the next 5 years, self-serve automation tools will rival, and, ultimately, surpass the efficacy and utility of a traditional agency. With Mosaic Digital Systems, the future of affiliate program management is brighter and more exciting than ever!

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