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Unveiling the Impact: How AI-powered Measurement Drives Marketing ROI

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Published Date 15.04.2024

Do you want to instantly see the financial impact of the campaigns, discounts, and free benefits you offer to your customers/subscribers? How effective are your actions to acquire new customers, increase revenue from existing customers, or retain them? Are the customers you expect to increase revenue from your campaigns benefiting, or are they just opportunity-seeking customers chasing discounts? To measure the benefits of all these actions and understand how close you are to your targeted customers and KPIs with statistical models, there is now Campaign Measurement System.

Thanks to our groundbreaking Campaign Measurement System product, we measure the customer-based financial impacts (average revenue, usage, cost, churn, etc.) and total impacts (total revenue, cost, gross profit, EBITDA, etc.) of your actions most accurately and effectively. In this way, we help Turkcell, the largest integrated telecommunications and technology service provider in Turkey, founded and headquartered in Turkey, with over 40 million subscribers, to measure the impact of their over 100 marketing actions and campaigns they take each year and help Finance to make “go” or “no-go” decisions about new products.

So how do we do it? In companies that implement many campaigns at the same time, this can be very difficult and complex to measure. For example, comparing the KPIs of customers only included in the relevant campaign before and after will not be sufficient to explain this change. Many other factors, such as many actions taken during this period or seasonal effects, can have an impact on this change. Here we use the difference in difference method. For this, it is necessary to find customers who are most similar to the customers exposed to the relevant action (Experiment Group) but who did not benefit from the campaign in the relevant periods (Control Group) and to look at the differences between the changes of these two groups. This time, the question arises of how we will find subscribers who are most similar to the Experiment Group in the pre-campaign period. Previously, the identification of this audience was done manually, with filters determined by the relevant Marketing specialists. However, this method involved a lot of trial and error and iterations, which also carried the risk that the right Control Group might never be found, especially for Experiment Groups consisting of different customer segments.

Within the scope of this application, with our innovative approach that has 3 patents, we first select customers with the same distribution from the universe of millions of customers using the stratified sampling method for important KPIs (revenue, usage, digitality, etc.) as the Experiment Group was distributed in the previous period. Thus, we have identified customers who have the same behavior as the Experiment Group in terms of important variables in the previous period.

The innovation does not end there, then we enrich the selected similar audience and experiment group with our own data set, which includes the demographics, usage, location, mobility, and digital footprints of the customers. This comprehensive dataset served as input for supervised machine learning algorithms, which are a critical step in our statistical modeling process. We label the subscribers in the Experiment Group as 1 and the other customers similar to the experiment as 0, and the machine learning models (XGBoost, LightGBM, Catboost) learn which features make the customers 1 or 0 and assign a value between 0 and 1 to all customers in the similar customer set. This then allowed us to select the highest-scoring customers as our synthetic control group for KPI comparisons.

Subsequently, the pre-and post-period comparisons for the Experiment and Control Groups are automatically made, and the differences between the differences between these two groups give us the customer-based KPIs.

This groundbreaking approach goes beyond just measuring product profitability; We use this system to evaluate the financial impact of a variety of initiatives such as free benefits for customer acquisition, social responsibility campaigns, and other actions that are difficult to compare data-driven.

Campaign Measurement System is not designed specifically for Turkcell (in which we supported business owners with this tool to increase company marketing revenue by 40% on yearly basis.) or the telecommunications industry! By empowering businesses to measure the true financial impact of their marketing efforts, Campaign Measurement System goes beyond the confines of a single industry. We envision this tool becoming an indispensable solution for any company that prioritizes data-driven marketing and campaign optimization. This is why being shortlisted for the Global Business Tech Awards in the “Transformation Through Tech” category holds immense value for us. Recognition on this international stage not only validates the impact of Campaign Measurement System but also serves as a stepping stone for our ambitions. We are committed to taking this innovative product global, aiding companies like yours in maximizing marketing ROI and achieving significant growth.  We believe this award will be the crowning achievement, solidifying Campaign Measurement System’s position as a leading force in the marketing technology landscape.

A Thrilling Milestone and an Exciting Future!

Our team is ecstatic to announce that Campaign Measurement System has been shortlisted for the “Transformation Through Tech” award at the Global Business Tech Awards! This recognition is a testament to our innovative spirit, adaptability to change, and unwavering commitment to continuously enhancing our solutions to meet the rapidly evolving technological landscape. It reflects the trust and confidence placed in us by both our clients and industry peers, reinforcing our position as a leader for years to come.

Moving forward, we are dedicated to taking Campaign Measurement System global, empowering businesses like yours to maximize marketing ROI and achieve significant growth. Join us on this exciting journey to revolutionize marketing measurement and drive business success!

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